Travel Insurance – How do you choose?

I recently had a trip to Europe and being in the insurance profession, decided to look at options available for travel insurance.

Like all insurances, there are a number of companies to choose from and they all have slightly different cover options and wordings.

I decided that I would look at 1 Cover Travel Insurance as it looked cost effective and seem to cover what I needed it for. As I said to my wife, you do not know how good they are until you have a claim.

We were travelling to Europe and first flight was to Hong King via an Air NZ flight, which left at midnight. (We have 2 children, it was there first time on a plane and thought the late flight will mean they will be able to sleeep through the flight… we were hoping anyway). The children had fallen asleep (yay!!) when there was an announcement – the plane, was going back to Auckland as the pilot got sick. So after 5-6 hours in the air, we were in Auckland again, (where we started) kids did not want to get up and we had to hand back duty free and go back to check in.

The confusion and chaos when we arrived was crazy, we had no communication from Air NZ and did not know what was happenning and how we were going to get new flights to start our holiday. – my daughter was asleep on the bags, my son was being amazing but extremely tired, never mind us.

We were given a number to call Air NZ to rebook our flight… as you can imagine the lines were busy and 3 hours later nothing – they offered us accomodation at Sky City (back in the city) – at this stage we were at our wits end and so called 1 Cover and asked what our options were, they were friendly and gave us our options.

We made the call to book into the Novotel across the road, luckily they had a day room available. The kids and my wife went to bed, while I called Air NZ to rebook our flight. – Finally after 6 hours, we got a new flight booked that was leaving that night. We slept, had some food and then started the journey again.

Once we got back to NZ, I had kept all the relevant documents like they had said when I originally called and made the claim. 3 days later had confirmation of claim being approved and payment a few days after that. We were happy that we could choose where to stay and they paid for our food and drinks while we were delayed.

I would now use them all the time and am lucky enough to be on their affiliate program and offer travel cover through 1 Cover Travel Insurance – I am not a specialist in the area and still recommend that you find the company that suits you, but if you wish to have a look at cost and options for 1 Cover Travel Insurance, please click logo above or here