Mortgage Protection

Pays a monthly amount if you are unable to work due to an accident or illness. 

For most of us ‘income generation’ is our main daily focus and this alone provides our lifestyle opportunities. Protecting your income if an unexpected illness or injury occurs, means you can maintain financial stability to recover and return to the lifestyle you and your family enjoy.

If you are not able to work, the bills and mortgage payments do not stop, so this cover allows for you to keep the mortgage paid while you are unable to work.

“One of the first Mortgage Protection claims was testament to why to have insurances.

One of our long standing clients, nearly lost there home due to missed mortgage payments as he was not able to work due to sickness. Once the client let us know what was happening, we lodged a claim with the insurer and I talked to the clients bank to let them know that the client had mortgage repayment cover and the mortgage will be paid as soon as the claim was approved. The bank did not foreclose and the client started to receive payments from the insurer which meant that they kept their home and they had sufficient cover to pay there everyday bills.

Another point to note is the client at the time the claim was lodged could not afford to pay the premiums on the policy.  Due to the relationship I have with both my clients and insurance companies, the insurance company were happy to stop payments and once a claim was paid deduct form the first payment… something they did not have to do”