Insure New Zealand – Proud Sponsers of the Kepa Foundation

As well as helping people and businesses with maintaining and creating wealth, Insure New Zealand also gives back to those that need it the most.

Over the last few years, Insure New Zealand has been sponsoring the Kepa Foundation and was one of the first Formation Partners. (Please click logos to find out more)



Kepa Foundation sponsors the following charities:


Children of prisoners deserve a future like we want all kiwi kids to have – not to be our future prisoners.

Pillars is a charity dedicated to supporting children of prisoners so they are not our future prison inmates.  Through our programmes of empowerment to support action that make transformational change we are breaking the cycle for these children, their family/whanau and helping build a stronger community that benefits all New Zealanders.


Foster Hope is the brain child of two Auckland ladies who are both huge supporters of helping others.  They came up with an idea to help care givers with practical support, when a child turns up on your door step late at night with little more than a rubbish bag of belongings. Kits2kids as it was initially known, was born and backpacks were supplied to care givers in the Auckland area.  Foster Hope has grown from its early days in 2010 and now has branches of volunteers throughout New Zealand eager to support their regions care givers.

Foster Hope believes that every child in care deserves to know that their community cares about them.  We demonstrate this through providing children with a backpack to ease their way and symbolise community support for them and their carer’s.  Some Foster Hope branches create Flat Packs which help teenagers moving from care into the big wide world.

If you wish to know more, then please contact us.