Business Insurances


Business Ownership: Losing a shareholder or business partner

Why should something as simple as a broken leg or an illness ruin what you are working so hard to build?

The loss of a shareholding director or business partner can have a dramatic impact on a business. Would your business survive if one of the owners were to die prematurely, suffer a critical illness or become totally and permanently disabled?
Who would take their place – not only in performing their day-to-day role, but also in deciding how your business is run?

Appropriate share purchase protection, coupled with a suitable agreement such as a buy-sell agreement, ensures your business can continue should one of your business partners become seriously ill, injured or even die.

Key People: Losing your most valuable assets

If something happens to a key person, what would happen to your business?

When you’ve worked closely with someone for many years building a business, it’s easy to take for granted the essential and valuable part they play and to assume they’ll always be there. However, sometimes the unthinkable can happen without warning.

Appropriate protection guards your business against the loss of a key person and the revenue they generate. Most businesses rely on key people, without whom the business would struggle or even have to close.

Business Debt: Meeting loan repayments

Have you considered your ability to pay back debt if something happened to a shareholder?
If you, your business partner or a key person were to become ill, be injured or die, could your business continue? What would become of the assets associated with any loans taken out to support the business?

Appropriate business debt protection helps guard your business assets should you be unable to service a loan. Often the ability to borrow is dependent on the income generated by a key person. If that person were to die or become seriously ill or injured, insurance could help you meet your repayments.

Please feel free to contact me if you have concerns with any of the above in your business. We can adapt a solution to meet your specific business needs and objectives.